Eberron Noir

A Proclaimation of Victory

The Mysterious Event- of Celebrated Results and Unknown Causes, has broken the Deadly Hold of the Hydra-Like monster that was Royalism in Our Fair Land! Now that the ashes of the Last War are finally settling, The People are starting to get back to their Daily Lives; no longer threatened by the Royalist Forces that once reached, Tentacle-Like for them, from the Freedom-Hating Nation of Cyre.

We now Open Our Arms in Welcome to the people Forged in War, that they may find a New Existence in the Peace that we will all forge Together. For those who have never Seen the Men of Metal, they are something like, but not the same as, The Golem that Labors on our Behalf in our Factories and Mills. These People share many of the same characteristics of our Construct Laborers- but, they have been Given a Gift by the Wise Men in the Great House Of Cannith- for those who were Forged in War are Intelligent!

Even as you would Cheer any of Our Returning Heroes, count the War Forged amongst their rank! Thank them, and Know that Without their Brave Sacrifices, You The Good People of Breland may never have Become Free.

Once the Nature of the Foul Weapon that the Cyran Traitors befouled the Land with is Understood, our forces will march, Shoulder to Shoulder, to Reclaim and Renew the ancient capitals, and that Our Freedome may Ring, unbroken, from Shore to Shore!

The Setting

The Revolution has left the nation of Cyre, and the remnants of the Royalist forces decimated. Routine executions of everyday people are performed by Machines placed in every town, for increasingly minor offenses. Some nations have severely reduced populations, and are turning to various and strange methods to revitalize the individual political districts.

Breland, where our characters begin, is reopening shipping ties with the world. Travel outside the city is nigh on prohibited to foreigners, with the excuse of there still being the occasional ‘Confused Element’ roaming the country-side, which may discomfit worldly travellers.

Sharn, more than almost any other city, is firmly in the grasp of the Houses, who control all aspects of trade, commerce, and law. Merchants, and those who control money make up the middle segments of the social strata, then the workers (for which The War was ostensibly fought), the dregs of the accepted races in The Cogs, and, finally, the ‘barely civilized’ monsterous races from Droaam.

The Guard is corrupt, the politicians are all from Megacorporation Houses, the hunt for Royalists goes on, and there’s something brewing beneith the city.

Eberron Noir

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