The Machine

Execution devisements known as The Machine are placed in major population centers, like towns and villages, and in some of the larger metropolises there are more than one.

Karnath is known for its abundance of Machines in towns and cities.

They tend to be black, or burnished steel, and are cleaned periodically, though very little mess from their operation marrs the outside casing. They tend to be aprox 15 feet long, and between 5-7 feet high. Other than a net-like grate on the single opening, a Machine is a nearly featureless long box sitting on curved legs that only extend a small amount from the edges of the case to the ground.

While in operation, The Machine tends to rock from side-to-side a little, and screams are heard emmenating from within. After an unconscionably long time it falls silent, and the judgement, announced by a official of some kind, is declared complete.

The people are required to go to any execution that is heard from a crier, or any official announcing it. Some people stay away from the areas with the Machines in them completely, so as to avoid these summons. As they tend to be located in squares, or near government offices, this makes it impossible for some people who need to contact the government.

The Machine

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