The Event

One day, just before the Populist forces declared victory, the entire nation of Cyre laid down to die. The corpses lay as if they had just fell down, and no tree or insect lives in this space. The Mistwall surrounds the country, and is the border of the death effect. No healing, natural or divine may take place inside the border of the mistwall.

Due to the slowly wavering nature of the wall, some of the area outside where the current wall sits may look like it belongs within the borders, with dead plants, and grasses. Most people stay clear of these zones, fearing that it may be dangerous. As the depth of the Mistwall can vary as much as a mile, the zone of devistation is usually quite obvious.

Many people have passed in to, and out of, Cyre after the Event, and are not harmed noticably; such as the interim team of warforged that were ordered into Cyre, but stopped reporting after a couple of missions. They may have fallen victim to the strange living spells that have been known to occasionally roam outside Cyre’s borders, but often return quickly.

Scrying magic works poorly, if at all in Cyre, after the Event.

The Event

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