Four Doors

The disreputable bar that is owned by Haven, Mordecai, and Joe. There is an office upstairs, and an empty quasi-store room in the back. The booze is cheap, in quality and price, the accomodations could be generously described as ‘servicable’, but the staff- a couple of warforged, down on their luck, keep the place running at all hours.

The patrons are usually surly, and very rough. Often the more violence-prone type of the criminal class, they arrive when they have acquired money enough to drink, and do so- until they run out of funds, or pass out. The third option is the bar fight, and/or getting thrown out, which is why the ‘Cash and Carry’ policy is in place.

To reduce the disorder in the Four Doors, the patrons are made to work there way to the bar to order and receive drinks. If they can’t make it there without falling down, they’re often bounced- sometimes off of three walls- before they pass through the door.

It makes a meagre income, and is not often a target for thieves. Especially as it is known that an investigative makes his home there.

Four Doors

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