This is where our brave heroes start out. The Cogs are an area below the main parts of the city, where the extremely poor are tucked away, and live in squalor.

Patrols rarely move through the cogs, and it is up to the monsterous Daask and the halflings of house Boromar to make what little peace there is.

Apartments, houses, or any sort of buildings are held by the might of whoever claims them. Some companies (see Chapter 3 ‘Uncle Irv’ at the Meat Packing Plant) have fortified sections of the cogs, and draw their workers from the populace.

Poor lighting due to stolen, or never-installed lanterns is a common feature of the area, so is the hatred for anyone who dresses too well, or travels alone.

The Four Doors, the bar owned by the group, is in the cogs. It is known to be frequented by a number of rough characters, which the bartender keeps in line. It’s neighbourhood is barely considered to be lawless, but just marginally above some of the more anarchic areas.


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