Wheelchair'd neighbour of Friday. A former adventurer, and dab hand with a crossbow.


Meeting the team during the hunt for the Hound of Khorvaire, she was a witness to strange happenings in the Murder House, and aided the team in attempting to capture the beast on its return.

‘Wheels’ as she is known, is highly connected in society, by virtue of being a sort of living-legend, and a fair share of rumoured valuables. She has seen something promising in the rising inquisitive’s agency, and has provided a signed affidavit to their upstanding intentions. Knowing full well that there is something dodgy about the whole thing.

She invited the team to the Museum display of ‘Arms, Current and Ancient,’ where an out-of-control ancient war machine went rampant. Some of her acquisitions were on display, and the team were invited as a secondary security detail.

Wheels has a concealed crossbow, somewhere, likely disassembled throughout the wheelchair. It has been observed to appear beyond even the most thoroughly scrutinized security checks.



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