Dr. Johan "Joe Friday" Georg

Ex-Royalist, Admiral, Bar Owner, Senior Sanitation Inspector, Factotum, & Detective.


Height: 5’0”            Weight: 115           Region of Origin: Old Cyre
Str: 13(+1)       AC: 19(10+4armor+1shield+4dex);  23 w/Cunning Defense
Dex: 18(+4)    HP: 44     Inspiration Points: 5        Action Points: 7
Con: 15(+2)    Speed: 30    Init: +4    BaB/Grap:  +3/+4
Int: 19(+4)    Fort:  +4(1base+2con+1misc);  +8 w/Cunning Insight
Wis: 13(+1)    Refl: +9(4base+4dex+1misc); +13 w/Cunning Insight
Cha: 10(+0)    Will: +3(1base+1wis+1misc); +7 w/Cunning Insight

Appraise: 8(2ranks+4int+2kit)
Balance: 10(2ranks+4dex+4misc)
Bluff: 5(5ranks)
Climb: 7(2ranks+1str+4misc)
Concentration: 2(2con)
Decipher Script: 6(2ranks+4int)
Diplomacy: 2(2misc)
Disable Device: 12(6ranks+4int+2kit)
Disguise: 4(2ranks+2kit)
Escape Artist: 10(2ranks+4dex+4misc)
Forgery: 6(2ranks+4int)
Gather Information: 2(2ranks)
Handle Animal: 2(2ranks)
Heal: 3(2ranks+1wis)
Hide: 10(2ranks+4dex+4int)
Intimidate: 2(2misc)
Jump: 12(5ranks+1str+6misc)
Knowledge: Arcana, Architecture and Engineering, Dungeoneering, Geography, History, Local, Nature, Religion, Nobility&Royalty, The Planes: 5(1rank+4int)each.
Listen: 3(2ranks+1wis)
Move Silently: 10(2ranks+4dex+4int)
Open Lock: 12(2ranks+4dex+4misc+2kit)
Profession: Sailor, Barrister: 2(1rank+1wis)each.
Ride: 10(2ranks+4dex+4int)
Search: 12(8ranks+4int)
Sense Motive: 3(2ranks+1wis)
Sleight of Hand: 12(2ranks+4dex+6misc)
Spellcraft: 6(2ranks+4int)
Spot: 3(2ranks+1wis)
Survival: 3(2ranks+1wis), +2 to find/follow tracks.
Swim: 7(2ranks+1str+4misc)
Tumble: 15(5ranks+4dex+6misc)
Use Magic Device: 5(5ranks)
Use Rope: 10(2ranks+4dex+4misc)
Autohypnosis: 6(5ranks+1wis)

Equipment of Note:
+1 Vest of Resistance
Battleaxe, +1 Dagger, +1 Mighty Composite Longbow
Masterwork Lockpicks, Masterwork Disguise Kit, Masterwork Appraise Kit.
Sanitation Worker License, Collection of Forged Identifications (Various Professions)

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling, Draconic, Giant, Goblin, Orc, Gnoll.

Master Linguist (1 Language/Level)
Weapon Finesse (Dex/Melee)
Font of Inspiration (+1 Inspiration)
Investigation (Find “clues” w/Search)
Light Armor+Shields, all Simple&Martial Weapons
Cunning Insight(Ex): Int.Bonus to Attack, Damage, Savings Throw
Cunning Knowledge(Ex): Factotum on Skill Check, 1/Day/Skill
Trapfinding (Ex; as per Rogue)
Arcane Dilettante(Sp): 2 spells, 1st&2nd level, 1 Inspiration/Spell
Brains Over Brawn(Ex): Int to Str&Dex Skills/Checks
Cunning Defense(Ex): Int to Defense against 1 target for 1 round, free action
Cunning Strike(Ex): 1 Inspiration point/1D6 Sneak Attack, Factotum level to overcome Uncanny Dodge
Opportunistic Piety(Su): 3+wis.bonus/day, 1 Inspiration point for; Lay on Hands (2x[Fact.level+int.mod]) or to Turn Undead (Equal to a cleric of Factotum Level)

Level 1: Jump
Level 2: Whirling Blade


Dr. Johan "Joe Friday" Georg

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