Eberron Noir

Chapter 2.6: To Catch a Summoner

With the Alarm still blaring into the new morning, I knew, even with the Captain’s help, the guard would soon be down on this place like a tonne of bricks.

Seeing that Joe was no longer on the roof, I figured he had flipped the rope we’d used to climb the building around to the front, and gone rappelling down the front. The previous sound of smashing glass made this a likely conclusion.

Haven and I looked back from the ledge, over to the partially shattered door frame that we’d been slowly dissolving, shrugged, and hustled over to where the rope hung, following Joe.

I grabbed the rope, and steadied myself and it, while Haven flipped over the side, and slid down the rope. Almost the instant that she was out of sight, the line went slack. No weight on the line, therefore no Haven on the rope. I dropped the bit of slack I’d pulled up and took the last few hurried steps to the raised edge on the roof, just in time to see Haven perform the most curious scrabbling down the facade.

A finger dug in momentarily there, a kick to the wall here, and finally a trailing hand slowed her descent to that of a feather, hitting the ground with barely a thud. Right in front of the front door. It could just have been that the alarm had deadened my hearing of course, but she didn’t seem to be injured, or anything but annoyed. With a determined grimace, she grabbed the rope, and swarmed back up the wall. When she’d nearly attained the broken window, a form leaned out above her, and by extension, below me.

“Another one, hah!” Chuckled the man, while he drew a knife to cut the rope.

He was too far below me for me to catch him with a swing of any weapon near to hand, so what I needed was a heavy projectile to dissuade him. I wonder what a war-hammer could do. Pulling it from my belt, I aimed for the back of his skull. My plan, alas, was for naught, as my hammer missed by only the smallest margin, and he neatly sliced through the silken rope with a single sweep of the dagger.

Haven did that peculiar skittering down the wall again, now that the rope was loosed, and I drew my bow into readiness. Seeing the hammer drop (as it were) past their head, Mr Tue, or perhaps Mr Tree, looked up just in time to see down the shaft of a drawn arrow. He ducked inside before I could take the shot.

“Damn it!” I cursed, slowly levering the bow loose, replacing the arrow in the quiver and returned the bow to my back. Haven looked up at me, cursed barely audibly (the alarm again), shrugged, and pushed through the front door.

All of this had left me on the roof, without a quick way down- other than the obvious. While, yes, I did seek adventure, I think I could find it in more productive ways than leaping off another building. There was still that small length of rope…

To Catch a Summoner Part 2



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